About Us!


  Here at High Desert we are a husband/wife, small business, start-up. This industry isn't new to us at all though - in fact, its been a way of life since forever it seems. We (by that I mean my husband) have worked every application from automotive to fabrication over the last 20+ years. Metal art is at our heart though. 

  There is something so beautiful about a classy, metal, piece of art as a focal point! It ties a room together - it completes the garden (or my greenhouse), it's the perfect piece in the 'man cave' or the conversation starter in the kitchen. By the front door a unique sign is so inviting. Or as a sign for a business that wants classy and timeless. Nothing can achieve that with such grace as metal. 

  The applications are endless and the pieces are timeless. 

  We love what we do, and we are confident that you will too! 

    -High Desert Metal Work